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Altech announce itís new Supplier Ingredients capture and analysis Web Portal for VisionNPD,

June 2008 - Altech has replaced itís HTML based e-mail specification manager with a full web portal covering all aspects of supplier ingredient declaration.

Altech announce the GA versions of itís Vision For Food suite of software.

May 2008 Altech completes itís Vision For Food suite. For full details see www.visionforfood.com


Altech  Consultant Jonathan Greenstreet addresses IBM Computer Users Association COMMON conference in Barcelona,

On May 18th 2008 Altechís Development Manager Jonathan Greenstreet addressed an audience at the IBM COMMON conference covering  the  successful  migration of legacy IBM 5250 applications to full web applications and services using migration software from Altechís partner ASNA and Altechís own migration services.


Altech & ASNA form UK Teaming agreement,

May 2008 Altech & ASNA signed teaming and distribution agreement for the joint provision of ASNA .NET web development software and ASNA and Altech migration services.


Altech & ASNA link with Microsoft,

April 2008 Altech & ASNA presented itís migration offerings to senior Microsoft Management in Reading (UK). This seminar underlined how easily Altech & ASNA together could regenerate traditional IBM 5250 software onto the .Net platform running under Microsoft IIS supporting both SQL Server  and DB2/400 databases.


Altech becomes IBM Business Partner

2008 - Altech has been accepted into the IBM Partner program. This gives Altech the ability to provide IBM hardware and software solutions to itís customers.


Altech becomes Microsoft Business Partner,

  2008 Ė Altech has been accepted into Microsoftís Empower partner program as an Indendant Software Vendor . Altech provides packaged  .Net software solutions running on the Microsoft SQL Server platform and .Net development services.


Altechís migrated VisionNPD product highlighted in the press,

A number of recent articles have hightlighted Altechís successful migration of itís Legacy IBM 5250 application iTecSpecs to the full glory of VisionNPD part of itís flagship Vision For Food family.


Altech Software Opens New Markets by Migrating it's System i Food ...




Altech completes itís iTecSpecs to VisionNPD migration,

January 2008.  Altech announces the completion of itís total migration to .Net. Altechís industry leading iTecSpecs which was limited to running on the  IBM AS400/ iSeries platform has been fully migrated to .Net running under Microsoft IIS and accessing either  DB2/400 and SQL Server, so opening new markets.